6 Best Trim Tabs To Improve Control (2021 Review Guide)

selective photo of a trim tab mounted next to a black engine on a white boat sitting on a trailer

You’re here because you want greater trim control, stability and safety for your boat. There are few upgrades that give more impact for cost than the best trim tabs you can afford. As a buyer, choosing the right set can be frustrating, due to the many models available. Although, there’s no need to worry, as … Read more

Top Electric Marine Toilets in 2021 (Detailed Review Guide)

photo of an electric marine toilet and sink in a yacht

We can all agree that using a marine head for the first time isn’t second nature like the household version. Unless, it’s an electric marine toilet, because nothing is simpler than pressing a button. Yet selecting the best electric marine toilets can be daunting. There are so many options and models available to choose from. … Read more

The Best Aftermarket Wakeboard Towers (2021 Value Guide)

Closeup photo of motorboat towing blonde woman with aftermarket wakeboard towers

Trying to pick out the best aftermarket wakeboard towers can be confusing. Do you want a forward-facing or rear-facing model? Are all frames built equal? To help you answer these questions and avoid wasting your money I wrote this value guide with reviews. What Is a Wakeboard Tower? A wakeboard tower is a frame mounted … Read more

Best Bow Mount Freshwater Trolling Motors (2021 Reviews)

photo of a man fishing off boat with bow mount freshwater trolling motors

Boat owners with available space on the bow to mount a trolling motor enjoy ultimate control. But trying to select the best bow mount freshwater trolling motors can be daunting. There are so many models, sizes, thrust ratings plus high-tech features. How do you choose the best model for your boat? To lessen your stress, … Read more

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