The Best Kiteboarding Lines For Increased Strength In 2021

photo of kiteboarder with fly lines surrounding him

Have you ever had your kite line break? I have and had no clue how to replace them. Do I buy new lines or can I fix the broken line? As a proud outdoor nerd, I did what every member of Outdoors Informed does. I began a comprehensive search for the best kiteboarding lines. My … Read more

Picking A Kiteboarding Harness Guide: (Waist Vs Seat)

Man kitesurfing wearing a waist harness

Rider wearing a hard shell waist harness Today is the day you are selecting a kiteboarding harness for the first time or it’s time for replacement. What you choose depends on personal comfort, ideal support and durability. So how do you make a choice about such an integral piece of kiteboarding gear? Instead of buying … Read more

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