How To Select Kiteboarding Flying Lines For Perfect Control

Male holding kiteboard while using bar to control kiteboarding flying lines

2021 Guide: Kiteboarding Flying Lines Experienced kiters already know how critical kiteboarding lines are for kite control and safety. But what about novice riders who want to learn? This is the guide for you. In this article I explain everything you need to know for selecting new kiteboarding flying line sets. If there is a … Read more

How-To Pick A Great Portable Outboard Motor (Guide)

selective photo of a grey and white portable outboard motor tilted out of the water

Portable Outboard Motor Guide: A great way to find fishing spots or cruise a low speed is to equip your vessel with a portable outboard motor. This removable style of boat motor is ideal for transport because they are light and compact. Which is why owners of inflatable, Jon boats, pontoons and sailboats love using … Read more

Selecting A New Marine Toilet / Head (Complete How-To Guide)

Selective photo of a white boat toilet with the seat in the up position

We can all agree that space, power and water are all major factors in our boats. Which is why selecting a new marine toilet is a crucial decision. No one wants to flush their hard-earned money down the drain. This complete how-to guide will aid you in choosing the best type for your vessel. First, … Read more

Selecting Aftermarket Wakeboard Towers (New Buyers Guide)

photo of an empty speed boat with a wake tower and green boards

Many boaters find choosing new aftermarket wakeboard towers to be confusing. There is a lot of conflicting information about what’s ideal for your boat, plus a lack of models on the market. To aid in your search I wrote this article. In this article you will learn everything you need to know for selecting a … Read more

Black o Green I which stands for Outdoors Informed with light grey back ground

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