The Best Kiteboarding Lines For Increased Strength In 2021

selective photo of four colored kite lines running toward a man kiteboarding in green sea

Have you ever had your kite line break? I have and had no clue how to replace them. Do I buy new lines or can I fix the broken line? As a proud outdoor nerd, I did what every member of Outdoors Informed does. I began a comprehensive search for the best kiteboarding lines. My … Read more

6 Best Trim Tabs To Improve Control (2021 Review Guide)

selective photo of a trim tab mounted next to a black engine on a white boat sitting on a trailer

You’re here because you want greater trim control, stability and safety for your boat. There are few upgrades that give more impact for cost than the best trim tabs you can afford. As a buyer, choosing the right set can be frustrating, due to the many models available. Although, there’s no need to worry, as … Read more

Best Value Bow Hunting Rangefinders (New 2021 Guide)

Hunter Holding A Rangefinder

Looking for best value bow hunting rangefinders? This special optical device provides range outputs so hunters can make aim adjustments. For bow hunters, distance ranging needs are much different to those of a rifle hunter. Instead of huge distances, bow hunters prefer to have excellent accuracy at the best price. Don’t assume “value” means bad … Read more

Best Marine Composting Toilets Reviewed (2021 Value Guide)

selective photo of a Nature's Head marine composting toilet installed in a boat

You are here because you have a boat that needs a new head or you want info about marine composting toilets. As a buyer, choosing a composting head can be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t owned one. While it might seem like a complicated process, there’s no need to worry, since I reviewed the 3 … Read more

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