6 Best Trim Tabs To Improve Control (2021 Review Guide)

selective photo of a trim tab mounted next to a black engine on a white boat sitting on a trailer

You’re here because you want greater trim control, stability and safety for your boat. There are few upgrades that give more impact for cost than the best trim tabs you can afford. As a buyer, choosing the right set can be frustrating, due to the many models available. Although, there’s no need to worry, as … Read more

Best Boat Steering System (2021 Complete Buyers Guide)

a selective photo of a boat cabin helm on a rainy day

Most boaters can agree, owning a boat means keeping up with maintenance. One system that gets little attention is the boat steering system. As our boats age, this becomes a vital area of upkeep. Over time friction and loss of play means the series of components in this system may need replacement. Knowing what to … Read more

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