“10 Fun Boating Stocking Stuffer Gifts Under $15”

We know what kind of stress you are experiencing right now. It’s building up and you can’t stop racking your brain. What kind of boating stocking stuffer will impress the boater in your life. How can you find something that will be cool and fun but not hurt your wallet. Well, we have an easy solution, with our hand picked stocking stuffer ideas. Below are 10 fun boating stocking stuffer gifts under 15 dollars!

You can find the current price of each item by either clicking the buy now button, a picture or links in the description. So without further ado, enjoy and have a very happy holidays!

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The Nautical Gifts Bottle Coolies are great in that they cover most of a normal beer bottle. They are practical an will be sure to get a laugh. Each zip up to the neck of the bottle and they are machine washable. Boaters claim they are perfect for storing on the boat, so you don’t have to remember to pack them every time you go out. They also note that the coolies are just thick enough to keep drinks cool. The only downside is that you need to avoid warm drinks (it is a “coolie” after all) as they can damage the coolies.

Know a boater that is always losing their sunglasses? Or they hate wearing sun glass straps? Here is the solution: the Captain’s Choice Plastic Sunglasses Case. Featuring powerful suction cups that you can mount on any boat surface. Made of premium plastic, this case can save your eye-wear from accidental drops or loss for a long time. Captain’s Choice also provides an unconditional full refund policy and fast customer service. This is the kind of boating stocking stuffer that you can buy with confidence.

The Lake Tumbler is a lake themed 20 oz Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler Cup with a quote that says, “On Lake Time.” It has a clear plastic push-on lid and with dimensions of 7.5″H x 3.5.” The lid is 100% BPA free and the tumbler is sweat free but you do need to hand wash it. The tumbler is vacuum sealed so it will keep cold drinks cold for up to 12 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 6 hours. This novelty lake cup is sure to be a favorite boating stocking stuffer for years to come!

The PPFISH EDC Cases are awesome for every-day-carry for your boater. Each has a rubber O-ring beneath the cap to ensure it is waterproof. Made of military grade aluminium by super precision CNC cutting craft. You boater will have super tough and ultralight cases to carry many different items. Such as hearing aid batteries, earplugs, first aid pills, toothpicks, money, and so on. Plus PPFISH offers full refunds if your boater is not satisfied. This type of boating stocking stuffer is useful for boaters and land lovers alike.

How cool is this little gizmo? This is the Carson CloseUp Monocular, a compact and lightweight 6x18mm optical scope. Do you have an older sailor that refuses to let low vision get the better of them? This monocular is great for aiding in reading or nature viewing. While weighing less than 3 ounces so its easy to carry and handle. It offers all the benefits of standard 6x power monocular plus an extreme close focus of only 10 inches. Moreover Carson backs them with a limited lifetime warranty. They will repair or replace your monocular if it has manufacturing defects.

The Rite in the Rain Weatherproof Notebook will survive rain, sweat, mud, snow, oil, and grease. While the paper is green in color, it is legible even in bright sunlight. Likewise the impact-resistant bindings won’t lose their shape. Covered in polydura material it defends your notes from scratches and stains. Boaters will like that each 4″ x 6″ top-spiral notebook is small enough to fit in a pocket. As well they can recycle these papers with standard papers. Even better you will be supporting an USA made product from Tacoma Washington, since 1916. What is a better boating stocking stuffer than one that is innovative as well as made in the USA!

Is the boater on your list also a culinary lover? If so they know the joyful smells of fresh garlic or onions. However very few of us appreciate the lingering scent these veggies leave on our hands. It seems like no matter how many times we wash your hands, the odor lingers. To remedy this buy a boating stocking stuffer called the Amco Rub-a-Way Bar. Rubbing the bar removes any odor from your hands. It does this because it is actually made of light-weight, stainless steel. The molecules in the steel bind with the sulfur molecules on your hands. Which in turn transfer the molecules, along with the smell, to the metal and off from your hands.

Sometimes when looking for fun boating stocking stuffer we forget about the all the fun times on the boat. When those fun times result in overboard keys its best you have a Chums Neo Keychain. This is because these are floating keychains that will keep keys on the surface if they happen to go in the drink. Each keychain will float the up to three keys, about 1. 4 oz. Plus they are easy to spot with high visibility yellow foam filled neoprene. Keep the fun going even in the event of  an accident with a Chum Neo Keychain.

Okay so this boating stocking stuffer may not seem fun but it we promise it is. The A2S Protection Paracord Bracelets are fun because they are not a normal bracelet. Made of top quality, parachute cord that are so strong they can lift a person or items. Plus it is actually a 6-in-1 survival tool that fits everyone. Inside in the bracelet are a compass, LED flashlight, flint fire starter, whistle and knife! Think of everything your boater can use this bracelet for on their boat. With a set of 2 bracelets, your boater will be able to wear one and have one for backup.

Nothing is worse than having a cutting board slip around when your boat is moving. Even worse is trying to use dish towels to make it stable. Instead a fun boating stocking stuffer that will stop this is The Gecko Grip. This is a simple yet powerful tool which can tame either a warped or a slipping cutting board. Sold in pairs, you just place them under a board once, then we know you’ll never want to cut without them again. It will work on wood, plastic and glass cutting boards. Also it is safe due to it being non-porous, food-safe silicone. Yet this isn’t its only purpose, it is actually a little multi-use kitchen tool. You can use it as a trivet under cookie sheets or hot pots and even to open jars!

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