15 Boat Gifts Under $15 (2023 Value Guide)

Looking for boat gifts for the 2023 holiday season?

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You are here because you need ideas for boat gifts, something for a stocking stuffer. How can you find something that will be cool and fun but not hurt your wallet? Well, I decide to help you out with my curated list of stocking stuffer gift ideas. Below are 15 boating stocking stuffer gifts under 15 dollars!

If you want to see a particular gift, click on the navigable table of contents. Without further ado, Let’s get started.

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Table of Contents

Marine Air Horn

Shoreline Marine Eco Air Horn
  • Keep Your Boater Safe With This Emergency Air Horn
  • Loud 120 Decibel Horn Can Be Heard Up To A Mile Away
  • Made in the U.S.A. With Non-Corrosive Components To Survive The Rigors Of Saltwater
  • Powered Via Non-Flammable Aerosol, Meets All U.S. Coast Guard & NMMA Standards

EDC Paracord Emergency Bracelets

A2S Protection Paracord Bracelets
  • Not Your Average Bracelet: 6-1 EDC Paracord Survival Tool Great To Have Up On Deck & Onshore
  • Compass, LED SOS Flashlight, Flint Fire Starter, Fire Scrapper, Emergency Knife & 110db Whistle
  • Adjustable Size Fits Wrist Sizes Between 8 - 9.5 Inches
  • Range of Colors, Made Of Ultra-Strong, Military-Grade 550 Parachute Cord

Adult Personal Flotation Device

Airhead Adult Universal Type 2 Life Jacket
  • Gift Flotation For Your Boater If They Fall Overboard With A PFD
  • USCG Approved, Adult Over 90-Pound Compliance PFD Type II Life Jacket
  • Designed Specifically To Provide Minimum Buoyancy & Turn Unconscious Person Face Up In Calm Water Situations
  • Construction: Heavy-Duty Orange Colored Nylon For Better Visibility On The Water

White Portable Marine LED Boating Lights

Bright Eyes White Marine LED Lights
  • Gift Simple & Effective Boat Safety Lighting, Which Are Portable Too!
  • 3 Light Modes: Solid Brightness, Strobe, & Slow Blink
  • Encased In Silicone Sleeve To Ensure Water-Resistance
  • 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Marine UV Protectant Spray

303 Marine UV Protectant Spray 16 Fl. oz
  • Help Safeguard Boats & Their Equipment Against Damaging Effects Of Exposure To UV rays
  • Powerful Aerospace Protectant UV Blocker Prevents Fading, Cracking & Premature Aging
  • Easy To Use: Simply Spray On & Wipe Dry
  • Safe For: Vinyl, Plexiglas, Carbon Fiber, Rubber, Plastics & Finished Leather

Nautical Knot Tying Kit

ReferenceReady Nautical Knot Tying Kit
  • Gift A Knot Tying Practice Kit, Great For Kids And New Sailors
  • Practice & Master 20 Common Boat & Sailing Knots
  • Includes Two 3-foot Lengths Of 550 Cordage, 4” High-Impact Nylon Cleat and Durable Plastic NautiCards Set
  • Small Enough To Stash In A Boat Bag Of Keep In The Galley Drawer

9 Foot Canoe Bow and Stern Tie Downs

NRS 1 Inch Heavy Duty Tie Down Strap - 2 Pack
  • Help Your Kayaker Or Canoe Enthusiast Secure Their Pride And Joy With 9 Foot HD Tie Down Straps
  • Custom Cam Buckle Features Dual Stainless-Steel SpringsFor A Strong, Even Bite That Won't Slip
  • UV-Protected Polypropylene Webbing Won't Stretch When Wet
  • Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) Of 1,500 lbs

4-Foot Bungee Dock Line

AIRHEAD Bungee Dockline 4 Feet
  • Aid In Quickly & Securely Docking Your Marine Enthusiasts Boat, Jet-ski Or Personal Water Craft
  • Recommended For Docking Boats & PWC's Up To 4,000 pounds, Tensile Strength Is 2,150 pounds
  • Hidden Inside Bungee Cord Act As Built-In Snubber & Two Foam Floats Protect Boat From Chafing
  • 4 Feet In Length, Stretches To 5 1/2 Feet

Waterproof Fanny Pack

HEETA Waterproof Pouch With Waist Strap
  • Gift Your Boater Or Kayaker Waist Access To Their Valuables Or Tools
  • 2 Pack, 100% Waterproof, Triple Sealed With 3 Zipper Locks & Folding Velcro Over Top, IPX8 Up to 32 feet (10 meters) Underwater For One Hour
  • Adjustable Waist Strap Reaches 33.5 To 47 Inches
  • Made Of High-Quality PVC Material, Weighs 3.4 Oz, 10 Different Colors

Paddle Grips For Her

Yakgrips Paddle Grips
  • Gift Your Favorite Woman Kayaker Comfort On The Kayak
  • Patented Design, These Cushioned Paddle Grips Makes Paddling More enjoyable
  • Soft, Durable Quick Dry Material That's Adjustable
  • Easy To Wash With Mild Dish Detergent, Comes In 9 Vibrant Colors

Odor Removing Rub-a-Way Bar

Amco Stainless Steel Odor Rub-a-Way Bar
  • Gift The Chef In The Boat Galley Odor Removal
  • Rub-A-Way Bar Is A Scent Neutralizer
  • Molecules In The Stainless Steel Bind To Smelly Sulfur Molecule In Your Hand,Transferring All Molecules& Smell Off Your Hands
  • Simply Rub Between Hands Under Water For 30 Seconds (Doesn't Replace Regular Soap)

DriftFish Floating Neoprene Keychain (2-Pack)

DriftFish Floating Neoprene Boat Keychain
  • Give The Gift Of Saving Your Boaters Keys If Dropped Overboard!
  • Bright, High Visibility Foam Filled Neoprene Keychain Floats 6 Keys Or 2.7 ounces
  • Made In The USA, Waterproof, Tear Proof, & Stain Resistant
  • Dimensions: 4 x 2.5 x 3/4 Inches

Captain & First Mate Bottle Coolies 2-Pack

Captain & First Mate Bottle Coolies 2-Pack
  • A Great Gift For New Boat Owners
  • Fits Most Types Of 12oz Longneck Bottles
  • Premium 1/8" Thich High Density Open-Cell polyurethane Foam Keeps Beverages Cool
  • Zips Open For Easy Use, Machine Washable

Sailing Gloves

Brace Master Sailing Gloves
  • Gift Hand Comfort For The Sailors In Your Life
  • Excellent 3/4 Finger Design To Keep Flexibility In Use With Adjustable Wrist Strap
  • Made Of Soft Leather With Reinforced Palm For Better Grip On The Ropes
  • Breathable, Fast Drying, Soft & Lightweight

Three Sheets to the Wind Book

Three Sheets to the Wind: The Nautical Origins of Everyday Expressions
  • Enhance The Knowledge Of The Sailors In Your Life
  • A Wonderful Book Chock-Full Of Witty References, Literary Quotes, & Original Illustrations
  • The Author, Cynthia Barrett is A Senior Editor At Metro Books & An Avid Sailor With A Long Family History Near The Sea

In Summary: Boat Gifts Under $15

By now you tons of gift ideas to bring a smile to any boaters face in 2023. If you are still unsure of what to pick here’s my method for gift giving for boaters. First, try to consider use and second imagine their boating location. Saltwater boaters need salt-resistant gifts, whereas freshwater users don’t. Answering those two questions will definitely help you narrow down your pick.

As always, thanks for letting Outdoors Informed help with your gift search. So you can spend more time delivering smiles to your boater and less time stressing out.

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