6 Best Trim Tabs To Improve Control (2023 Review Guide)

selective photo of a trim tab mounted next to a black engine on a white boat sitting on a trailerYou’re here because you want greater trim control, stability and safety for your boat. There are few upgrades that give more impact for cost than the best trim tabs you can afford. As a buyer, choosing the right set can be frustrating, due to the many models available. Although, there’s no need to worry, as this article will make it simple.

To make reading easy I’ve developed this article in two parts. First, you will see a two tabbed comparison table of all six models. The first section covers electric trim tabs and a new alternative called interceptors. The second tab covers hydraulic systems and self-adjusting kits. After the table, are the in-depth reviews of each model.

Plus, there’s a navigable table of contents to jump to a specific product or section. Alright, let’s discover which of my six picks are best for your vessel.

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Table of Contents

Best Trim Tabs Comparison Chart

The Best Overall Electric Trim Tabs

Purple label with gold anchor stating Editor's choice
Bennett Marine Bolt Trim Tabs With Integrated Helm Control
  • Size - Span x Chord (Inches): 12 x 9
  • Type: Full Electric System
  • Vessel Compatibility (Length): 18 - 25 Feet / 5.5 - 7.6 Meters
  • Control Type: LED Integrated Helm Control
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Plate Material(s): #304 Stainless Steel Plates With Piano Hinges
  • Auto Trim Included? Yes
  • Actuator Material(s): High Impact Fiberglass-Filled Nylon
  • Cable / Wiring Lengths: 6 Feet (1.8 m) Actuator Cables, 20 Feet (6m) Wiring Harness + Connectors
  • Package Includes: Two Trim Tabs, Two 12-Volt Actuators (6 Foot Cables), Two 20 Foot Wiring Harnesses With Waterproof Connectors, One Integrated Helm Control, Hardware & Instruction Manual
  • Warranty (Years): Limited Lifetime For Actuator/ 3 For Helm Control
Pro's & Con's

Bennett Marine Bolt Complete Trim Tab Kit Review

In 2023, the Bennett Bolt Series continue as my pick for best electric trim tabs. Bennett is a champion of building top quality tabs with exceptional customer service. In fact, boat builders like Grady-White, Formula and Carolina Skiff use them.

For this review, I’m discussing the Bolt129, the numbers mean the span and chord length (12″ × 9″). While the name indicates the series, bolt is Bennet Marine’s electric series. This size of trim tab is compatible with boats that are 17 to 25-feet long. Made of 304 12-gauge stainless steel the plates are very durable. Keep in mind, these tabs and actuators need a coating of anti-fouling paint to prevent marine growth. Plus if you cruise in salt or brackish water add zinc anodes too.

Out of the box, you get everything you need to get your boat up on plane. Including two tabs, two water-tight actuators, all wiring, hardware and instructions. Plus in this particular kit you get the newest 12v helm control.

Integrated Helm Control (OBI9000E)

This is a new stand-alone helm control without the need for an external control unit. Bennett designed this new helm control to make install even easier, with a single lock nut. This space-saving keypad provides easy use at the touch of your fingers. I like the LED trim tab position lights to confirm correct position.

As well as the “Auto Retract” which pulls/retracts the tabs when you turn off the ignition. All in all, it’s a great easy-to-use unit to reduce bow rise, plane faster, and correct listing problems.

Speaking of listing, the actuators don’t need winterization. Another bonus is their actuating rams use independent 240 watt DC motor units. As a result, each tab is powerful enough to fix listing in the roughest waters. The actuators are also pretty quiet when operating, so anglers can fish while operating this kit.

What’s the Difference? Standard Versus Edge Mount

To lessen confusion, let’s talk about the standard versus “edge mount” models. With the standard mount, the actuator connects to a welded bracket on the center of the tab plate. As a result, to mount the other end of the actuator to the transom, you’ll need 9″ of space. In contrast, for the edge mount, the actuator connects at the front edge of the plate. This means the mount point of the actuator is lower for edge mount models, at about 7″ on the transom. So, if you have limited space, like under a swim platform, or engine bracket platform, choose the edge mount.

Any downsides?

Moving from a hydraulic system and want fast-acting electric tabs? If so, these may disappoint as they don’t react as quick as Lenco models. Yet, the snap speed that the Lenco trim tabs move are jarring for most users new to electric kits. Although, I prefer the slightly slower Bolts as they give me more time decide on tab placement.

Also, because the trim planes are stainless steel, you have to paint protect them. If you don’t do this before use, expect damaging marine growth such as barnacles.

Verdict: The Best Trim Tabs

Choose the Bennett Bolts if you want the absolute best-in-class electric trim tabs. They deliver the ultimate amount tech and precision control of your vessel’s trim. Rest assured as Bennett gives a limited lifetime warranty on the actuators and 3-years on the helm control.

Easy To Install Electric Tabs For Under 30-Feet Boats

Lenco Marine Standard Electric Trim Tabs
  • Size - Span x Chord (Inches): 12 x 9
  • Type: Full Electric System
  • Vessel Compatibility (Length): 16 - 30 Feet / 4,9 - 9.1 Meters
  • Control Type: Double Rocker Switch
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Plate Material(s): 12 gauge, #304 Stainless Steel Electro-Polished & 5/8" Flared Trailing Edge
  • Auto Trim Included? No
  • Actuator Material(s): High Impact Fiberglass Filled, UV-Resistant Nylon & 316 Stainless Steel Ram
  • Cable / Wiring Lengths: 6 Feet (1.8 m) Actuator Leads + Deutsch Connectors, 20 Feet (6.1 m) Wiring Harness Extender
  • Package Includes: Two Trim Tabs, Two 12-Volt Actuators (6 Foot Cables), Two 20 Foot Wiring Harnesses With Deutsch Connectors. Plus One Rocker Switch Helm Control, Hardware & Installation Manual.
  • Warranty (Years): 5 For Actuator / 3 For Electrical Switches
Pro's & Con's

Lenco Marine Standard Electric Trim Tabs Review

The Lenco Standard 12 × 9 electric trim tabs are a well-designed, quick performing trim kit in 2023. These are Lenco’s original design for electric tabs and a popular choice for over 34 years. Lenco says that boats between 16 and 30-feet (4.9 – 9.1 Meters) long are compatible with this set. Especially for vessels with limited transom space using twin outboards.

If you don’t know already, Lenco is a trusted marine brand introduced in 1986 and based out of Florida in the USA. They manufacture trim tabs, electric actuators, hatch lifts, switches and more.

First Impressions

Out of the box the trim plane appear rigid, the trim plane blades are 12 gauge (2.7 mm) laser cut 304 stainless steel. On the right and left edges the planes have a 5/8” (1.6 cm) flared trailing edge. The hinge is an 1/8” (3.2 mm) diameter hinge pin. I like that Lenco includes impact and rust-proof mounting brackets. Plus excellent mechanical cable gland seals.

The black colored 12V actuators are waterproof and mount near the edge of the front of the plate. The body is an outer cylinder which houses a self-locking ball screw actuating ram. This type means the actuator can generate more torque than geared ram types. Greater torque translates to ultra-fast trim plane performance. Another bonus of using a ball screw actuating ram is its quiet so its great for fishing boats.

Rounding out the kit are water-proofed actuators and a dual rocker switch control. As well as wiring harnesses with Deutsch connectors, all hardware and install manual.

Lenco = Easy Installation

One thing Lenco exceeds at is simplicity of installation. Everything in this kite has easy-to-read labels, with color coded wiring. The actuators upper mount on the transom, will fit anywhere up to 14-inches from the bottom of the hull. Although if you use a swim platform or ladder, choose the Lenco Limited Space Kit.


This kit is not without some caveats, the big issue is lack of a convenient feature on the rocker switch. While the switch is easy to use, it lacks an auto trim or retract feature. Which is a mode that will automatically retract the trim plates if you turn off the ignition on the boat. Imagine floating in shallow bays with the plates down and the damage that could happen.

Next, like the Bennett kit, the plates and actuators need after-purchase protective coatings. In fact, expect this for most manufacturers that produce stainless steel trim planes.

Other complaints include cheap electrical connectors, yet this is a simple fix. Another troublesome issue is the lack of customer service. Both of these issues are a nuisance that a brand as big as Lenco shouldn’t be having.


Buy the Lenco Standard trim tab kit if you want ultra-fast and quiet trim performance. You do get a 3-year limited warranty for peace of mind. It’s the easiest to install and very simple to operate, but they do have some downsides.

Top Pick For Interceptor Trim Systems

blue and gold colored label showing check mark and top marks text
Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System (Interceptors)
  • Dimensions Width x Height x Depth (Inches): 11.81 x 4.83 x 2.2
  • Type: Full Electric Interceptor Trim System
  • Vessel Compatibility (Length): 20 - 60 Feet / 6 - 18.2 Meters
  • Control Type: LED Control Module With Built-in GPS, 3D-Gyro & 3D-Accelerometer
  • Voltage: 12-32 Volts
  • Plate Material(s): Non-Corrosive Plastic
  • Auto Trim Included? Yes
  • Actuator Material(s): None - Uses Calibration-Free Submersible Internal Brushless Servo Motor
  • Cable / Wiring Lengths: 7 Meters (23 ft) Control Cable, 3 Meters (9.8 ft.) Interceptor Wiring, 4 Meters (13 ft.) Distribution Unit Cable
  • Package Includes: Two Straight Interceptors With Cable & Cable Covers, One Distribution Unit With Cable. Plus One Control Panel With Standard Cable & An Extension Cable, Hardware, Operation/Installation Manual, Drill Templates.
  • Warranty (Years): 2
Pro's & Con's

Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System Review

For 2023, the Zipwake interceptor-style trim tab system is the top pick big vessel control. Zipwake is a sub-brand of Imtra out of New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA. While this is a newer trim system, it’s already trusted by many boat builders. In fact, Grady White, Bass Cat and Ranger Boats install Zipwake interceptors.

What’s An Interceptor?

An interceptor is a small blade that extends down in a vertical motion from the transom of the boat. It cuts into the flow of water coming out from under the hull of the boat. Fully extended is only about 3/4-inch, but this blade reacts quickly as it protrudes down.

It’s amazing how this type of trim system works. The system uses advanced, intuitive control system to provide trim control. Including GPS, 3D-Gyro & 3D-Accelerometers to make dynamic adjustments. It engages several sensors combined with lightning-fast brushless servos. Which in turn zip the interceptors up and down to counter-act a boat’s natural motions as it moves through the seas.

Why Choose Zipwake Interceptors Over Tab Systems?

The big advantages of this kit over traditional trim tabs is less drag. This means blades are ultra-fast moving and only extend about 1.3 inches (3.3 cm) below the transom. Unlike tabs that extend at least 6 inches (15.24 cm) below the hull. The result is greater ability to react to the boats motion in real time and provide that dynamic control. So you can cruise on a more even keel with a steadier attitude. No more standing at the console and holding onto the frame with a white-knuckled death grip.

Another advantage is the speed the system operates and innovative design decisions. First, inside the interceptor is a brushless DC servo motor that runs on 12-32 volts. The blade stroke takes 1.5 seconds, outperforming typical trim tabs that take about 7 seconds. Since the interceptor comes in two pieces you can repair and replace motor units. Plus the blades are a composite material that isn’t exposed when not in use, so it’s less likely for marine growth. I especially like that you have the choice of either thru-hull of over water-line wiring.

Beyond fore-to-aft comfort, the Zipwake kit improves fuel efficiency too. It does this by keeping a watercraft on an even attitude while reducing rolls, pitches, and heaves. As a result, it boosts overall fuel efficiency by around 10 percent.

The third bonus of this trim control system is for anglers fishing off the stern. No more worrying about line wrap around the tabs leading to snapped lines during a fight. This is because the interceptors are vertical and tucked into the transom when the boat’s at rest.

On The Water

I’m blown away by the performance of the Zipwakes, it just works and is buttery smooth. In use the system gets set to automatic but you can set it to manual at the helm control. The color smart helm control is easy to read in sun light and waterproof to an IP67 rating. You’ll see feedback of boat speed, pitch and roll angle, as well as the interceptors´ positions.

Disadvantages To Zipwake Interceptor Trim Kits?

The main downside for Zipwake and any other brand of interceptor trim systems is slow boat speed. Due to the small blade extension these systems need strong water flow to be productive. Thus, watercraft like heavy trawlers moving at less than 10 mph or 8.7 knots won’t have enough flow under the hull. In this situation a traditional trim tab system is more effective.

Next, is an issue at the other end of the speed spectrum. For vessels that are capable of speeds over 60 mph/ 52 knots this amount of speed damages the blades. Whereas tabs that deploy at shallow angle are effective and less prone to damage at high speeds.

Finally, the price compared to traditional tabs tend to give boaters a shock. Although if you chose best-of pick and add their AutoTrim Pro Controller. It’s almost the same cost as the Zipwakes with fewer features. Also, Zipwake is a bit vague on their warranty, it’s dependent on where you buy it.


Buy the Zipwake Interceptor if you yearn for fantastic and dynamic trim control. It’s truly a set it and forget it system. One that is capable of precision control for vessels 20 to 60 feet (18.29 m) in length. You get expansive technology and incredible performance, but for a hefty cost. Warranty wise Zipwake’s is shorter than traditional trim systems.

Reliable Hydraulic Trim Tabs With Electric Helm Control

Bennett Marine Classic Hydraulic Trim Tabs
  • Size - Span x Chord (Inches): 18 x 9
  • Type: Hydraulic With Electronic Control
  • Vessel Compatibility (Length): 19 - 24 Feet / 5.8 - 7.3 Meters
  • Control Type: Helm Electronic Indicator Control with Automatic Tab Retraction (ATR)
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Plate Material(s): #304 Stainless Steel Plates With Piano Hinges
  • Auto Trim Included? Yes
  • Actuator Material(s): Flexible Nylon/Fiberglass Hydraulic Cylinders & Lexan Hydraulic Pump Unit
  • Cable / Wiring Lengths: 20 Feet (6 m) Hydraulic Hose, 6 Feet (1.8 m) Control Wiring
  • Package Includes: Two Trim Tabs, Two Actuators, One Hydraulic Power Unit, Electronic Indicator Control(EIC), Wiring, Hydraulic Tubing, Hardware & Installation Instructions
  • Warranty (Years): Limited Lifetime Actuators/ 3 Controls/ 5 Hydraulic Pump
Pro's & Con's

Bennett Marine Classic Hydraulic Trim Tabs Review

When it comes to hydraulic style trim tabs, Bennett Marine is the absolute best on the market. Hydraulic sets are a near bulletproof system but come with two caveats. One is a risk of hydraulic pump fluid leaks in the boat. The other is the amount of room needed to install the hydraulic pump in the boat.

For this review, the model is the 18″ x 9″ with 12v electric indicator control. This set is compatible with vessels from 19 to 24-feet in length. It includes two stainless steel trim tabs, two actuators, and a hydraulic power unit. For control, you get Bennett’s “Electronic Indicator Control (EIC). Plus all necessary wiring, tubing, hardware and installation instructions.

Why Choose Hydraulic Trim Tabs Over Electric?

The big reason to choose hydraulic trim tabs instead of electric is if you keep your boat in the water year round. This is especially important if it’s in saltwater, like a cruiser or yacht. The reason for this electric systems are prone to corrosion (rust) and electrolysis. For hydraulics the motor gets installed inside the vessel, thus it’s protected. Which provides easier and cheaper repairs compared to electrics.

As an example, if a seal on the hydraulic actuator breaks, you only replace the seal. Whereas for electric trim tabs, you would have to replace the whole actuator.

With hydraulics, you don’t have “power loss” worries about offshore boating like electrics. Say you are using electric trim tabs far offshore and a trim actuator fails while deployed. There’s no way to retract it, unlike hydraulics where you could “crack” the tab line and hand retract it.

Using Bennett Classic Tabs On The Water

Another bonus for the Bennett hydraulic tabs is their lack of speed. The tabs move slower than electrics, but this is actually better for precise control. Particularly when the boats are moving at high speed. Although many experienced boaters, do just fine with the electrics versions too. I also like that all electronics are inside the boat so water intrusion or barnacle growth isn’t a worry.


As I mentioned before hydraulic kits are prone to is fluid leaks and install nuisances. During this review I didn’t see any fluid in the boat but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Another downside is for watercraft with limited space. Since with this kit you need room to install the pump and tubes inside the boat.

Like all the trim sets that provide stainless steel parts, this one also needs anti-fouling paint before use. As well, if you sail in saltwater you need to add zinc anodes to plates.

Another minor complaint is the installation manual could be a bit more clear, but this is dependent on the installer.


Buy the Bennett Hydraulic trim tabs if you want a near perfect hydraulic kit for vessels stored in water. This kit provides everything you need and long-term performance. But understand this type of trim system does come with a couple caveats.

Popular "Smart Tabs" For Bow Riders Under 22 Feet

Nauticus Smart SX9510-80 Trim Tabs
  • Size - Span x Chord (Inches): 9.5 x 10
  • Type: Automatic Self-Adjusting
  • Vessel Compatibility (Length): 18 - 22 Feet / 5.5 - 6.7 Meters
  • Control Type: None, Automatic
  • Voltage: N/A
  • Plate Material(s): Nylon T6/6 Mixed With Impact-Resistant Rubber Composite Plates
  • Auto Trim Included? No
  • Actuator Material(s): Black Nitrate With Rubberized Coating Over Steel Ram Filled With Nitrogen & Hydraulic Fluid
  • Cable / Wiring Lengths: N/A
  • Package Includes: Two Trim Tabs, Two Actuators, Hardware & Installation Manual
  • Warranty (Years): 5 For Trim Planes / 2 For Actuators
Pro's & Con's

Nauticus SX Smart Trim Tabs Review

My pick in 2023 for simple self-adjusting (leveling) trim tabs for a bow rider sub 22 feet (6.71 m) is the Nauticus SX series. Based out of Ohio, USA since 1999 Nauticus Inc is the creator of the smart tabs trim system. This style of trim correction is automatic meaning no operator control. Small boats that want to get up on plane faster and stay on plane at lower speeds will like this style of trim tab. This is because they are cheap to buy, need no space inside the boat and easy to install.

The model for this review is the 9.5″ x 10″ size with the “80 lb” actuator. This version is capable of trimming watercraft of 18 to 22-feet. With the SX Series (composite) trim plates, they also taper about 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) from the transom to the edge.

You get 2 nylon/rubber trim planes and 2 nitrogen/hydraulic fluid filled actuators. Plus all install hardware and instructions in this package.

What’s A Self-Leveling Tim Tab?

A self-leveling trim tab is exactly like the name suggests. Each tab adjusts due to a change in water pressure under the trim plane. At a stop and slow speed, both of the tabs deploy downward. This ensures the greatest amount of lift at the stern to correct bow lift on start up. As the boat speeds up the actuator lifts to retract the tab based on the water pressure and sea conditions.

This is great system for correcting bow angle (hole shot), porpoising and to increase fuel efficiency. The main drawback is that self-leveling tabs won’t let you adjust the side to side attitude of the boat in use. Although you can pre-adjust the actuators for the exact conditions you cruise in. Once you get them dialed in, they do the job.

If use own a flats boat with limited space for electronics or a small fishing boat these a good option. Especially if you want a set-it and forget-it system. The SX series is excellent for delivering less bow rise and lower on plane speed which is great for tubing. Plus you get active correction of porpoising and chine walking.

Other Benefits Of Nauticus SX Smart Tabs

Beyond the fact they are less expensive, and the ease of use, installation is as simple as it gets. All you need is a drill with a 3/16″ bit and a Philips screw driver. Each component “locks” together with self-locking clevis pins. A bonus for the actuator is its black nitrate with rubberized coating. Inside is a steel ram filled with nitrogen gas and hydraulic fluid. This adds durability in saltwater environments.

Next advantage is for thee trim planes. This set is a composite material of nylon T6/6 mixed with rubber. As a result they resist saltwater corrosion and the rubber reduces impact damage.

Downsides Of Nauticus Smart Tabs?

One downside of all self-leveling tabs is the lack of operator control for side listing. Yes, you can adjust these pre-use but what happens if you travel in variable water and conditions. Helm adjustable tabs are much more versatile if you travel in varied waters.

Also, hydraulic/electric kits need the trim plates mounted 8-inches away from engines. But the Smart Tabs need at least 10-inches from the engine, so ensure you have enough room on your transom.

Winter use does present another issue, due to the use of compressed gases to operate the actuator rams. In cold temps the gases contract inside the cylinder, in turn generating less force. Thus, actuator direction becomes compromised.

The last problem is if you want to install these on a pontoon boat, you can’t. The Nauticus SX series need a straight, flat surface to attach to, which this style of vessel doesn’t have.


Pick the Nauticus SX Smart Tabs if you want an inexpensive self-leveling trim system. This is a popular choice for ribs, flats/bay boats and bow riders under 22 feet (6.71 m). The construction is great for both fresh and saltwater use. Keep in mind though, unless you stay in familiar waters this type of trim system isn’t as versatile as others. Like others, the Nauticus warranty period is decent.

Most Affordable Self-Adjusting Trim Tabs For Skiffs Under 20 Feet

green and white colored budget friendly label
Bennett Marine Silver SLT10 Trim Tabs
  • Size - Span x Chord (Inches): 10 x 10
  • Type: Automatic Self-Adjusting
  • Vessel Compatibility (Length): 17 - 20 Feet / 5.2 - 6 Meters
  • Control Type: None, Automatic
  • Voltage: N/A
  • Plate Material(s): 14 Gauge Stainless Steel With Interlocking Hinge
  • Auto Trim Included? No
  • Actuator Material(s): Composite Actuator With Durable Spring-Action Ram System
  • Cable / Wiring Lengths: N/A
  • Package Includes: Two Trim Tabs, Two Actuators, Hardware & Installation Instructions
  • Warranty (Years): Limited Lifetime For Actuator
Pro's & Con's

Bennett Marine Silver SLT10 Trim Tabs Review

Own a skiff, rib or runabout between 17 to 20-feet in length and searching for a wallet friendly trim set? Check out the Bennett SLT10 self-leveling trim tabs, which is the most affordable in 2023. Think of these like the Nauticus Smart tabs, but with a more robust build quality.

This set measures 10-inch span x 10-inch chord length. Which is compatible for boats between 17 and 20-feet (5.2 – 6 meters). Bear in mind, self-leveling tabs are best for lakes and inshore use. If you run in the Great Lakes or offshore more often, pick either a hydraulic or electric trim system.

Sturdy Build Quality

This set comes with two trim plates and two actuators plus hardware and install manual. For materials Bennett ensures robust durability via 14-gauge stainless steel trim plates. Between the horizontal plane and vertical mounting plate is a strong interlocking hinge.

Next, Bennett provides composite actuators which contain a spring-action ram inside the cylinder. I like spring-action rams because they last much longer than gas-fed models. You also get the hardware and instructions in this kit.

Bennett Silver SLT10 Benefits

Other than the fantastic construction that Bennett is famous for, let’s talk performance. In a 19-foot skiff, it gets up on plane quick, rides super smooth, with no slapping of the bow when crossing wake or chop. At lower rpm and speed the boat stays on plane even using a single outboard. I love the performance in shallow waters and narrow waterways.

During reverse movements I do feel slight drag or “shoveling,” but not so much that the stern is burying. Even running a small vessel in following seas is decent, as long as you preset the tabs before venturing out.

Disadvantages of Bennett Silver SLT10’s

One downside for the SLT10 trim tabs is you can’t adjust them while out on the water. If you travel in different waterways, this could be a nuisance.

Next, engine laboring does reduce but the SLT10s will decrease top end speed. The third downside is they are stainless steel so you should paint protect them. Plus if you store or use the vessel in saltwater you need to add zinc anodes.

While the SLTs are less expensive than hydraulic or electric and take less time to install, but they do less too. In particular if you use the boat to tow skiers or tubes, the SLT10s can’t control wake size.


Buy the Bennett SLT10s if you want tough self-leveling tabs that very affordable. They are an excellent performer for skiffs, small ribs or runabouts between 17 and 20 feet (6.1 m). Note: if you own vessels 20.5 feet and over, these aren’t the trim tabs for you. The bottom line, Bennett builds quality trim tabs with the best customer service. As well as a limited lifetime warranty for the actuator.

In Conclusion:

All things considered, you can now make an informed choice for which of the 6 trim tab kits is best for you. For sizing, focus on vessel length and available space on your transom. Choose hydraulic or electric trim systems for boats over 20-feet. If you want an inexpensive option for under 20-feet boats look at self-leveling systems.

Doing so will improve control of your boats’ trim and up the fuel efficiency. While correcting bow rise, porpoising and chine walk.

Whichever model you choose, thanks for allowing Outdoors Informed aid in your research. We love doing it, so you can spend more time balancing your vessels’ attitude.

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