Outdoors Informed is an outdoor lifestyle website brought to you by a curated group of outdoor enthusiasts. We were born and bred in the Pacific North West with the spirit of exploration and discovery which drives what we do to this day. We also are passionate about keeping the outdoors safe and accessible for all. What is most important to us is our promise to our readers.

We proudly are self-proclaimed “outdoor nerds” who promise to:

  1. Use our relentless commitment to provide objective research.
  2. Share practical information about what helps us enjoy great and safe adventures.

The gang at Outdoors Informed hopes that our articles, guides and recommendations are helpful.


Our mission is to provide an information hub to help readers become “outdoors informed”. We dig throughout the web, scour books and hit up retailers to get the latest gear. Thus, we aim to be a global authority for outdoor information. This information includes comprehensive guides, how-to articles and gear reviews.

Use our gear reviews to streamline your outdoor shopping process. The gear section of our website focuses on some key areas. These include: boating, camping & hiking, hunting & fishing, water sports and finally winter sports.

Let us help you spend less time looking for info and more time enjoying the great outdoors.


Our guides and how-to articles are the result of hours and hours of in depth research. We stretch our research muscles day in and day out to provide comprehensive outdoor which is great for us because we love it! We scrutinize websites, books, and expert opinions. Then we write easy to understand articles and guides.

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For gear reviews we use a combined approach to give you a well rounded review of each product. This approach includes hands-on testing, feedback from online reviewers and from fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Using this method, we create detailed and quality recommendations. Our hope is for you to make the most informed outdoor gear buying decisions possible.

Since there’s no one-size-fits-all product out there for everything, Outdoors Informed strives to find products that meet the needs of specific individuals. For example, big and tall men need different gear than those who are shorter in height and weigh less. So we create specific reviews for each person, thus providing help for as many people as possible.

Another example is budget, We understand that not everyone spends the same. So the best backpacking tent for a casual hiker is not the same as for an “ultralight” enthusiast. To help these factors, we find the best products for all types of categories from the best for budget conscious users to the best high end options.

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